When Is a Yorkie a Senior?

While larger dogs are said to enter their golden years at age seven, smaller dogs delay that until age ten. Of course, this is a generalization. Here are a few signs that your Yorkie is entering her senior years:

  • Slower growing, thinning hair

  • Graying on the muzzle and/or over the eyes

  • Lower energy level, more time spent sleeping

  • Increased reluctance to go out when it's cold

  • Hazy or bluish eyes

  • Increased dental problems

  • Hearing loss

  • Stiffness in legs

  • You could also see a sudden increase or decrease in appetite, a need to urinate more frequently, increased water consumption, or skin problems. All of these can be signs of disease processes common to older dogs, so if you see any of them, you should schedule a veterinary exam.

    Make note of any changes you observe in your Yorkie. If she seems to drink a lot on one day, but then goes back to normal, it's not a problem. But if the increased drinking recurs, you'll be able to check your notes and tell your veterinarian when the behavior first showed up.

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