The Benefits of Meditation

Do you ever wonder why so many people try meditation, when it seems so difficult to achieve? Perhaps a list of the many benefits of meditation will answer the question:

  • Brain activity slows down (studies using EEGs, which measure brain activity, indicate that brain activity is much faster and erratic in

    a nonmeditative state, but during meditation, brain waves become slower and smoother).

  • The mind is calmer.

  • There is a slower rate of respiration; breathing deepens.

  • Blood pressure is lower.

  • The immune system is stronger.

  • There are decreased levels of mental stress and body tension.

  • There is an improved quality of sleep, and less sleep is required.

What does om mean?

Om is considered the sacred, universal, primordial sound. It is a symbol and sound of absolute reality. The Mandukya Upanishad says that om contains four parts: a, u, m, and the after sound (a nasal humming), which correlate to the four states of consciousness: consciousness, waking, dreaming, and ultimate reality.

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