Storyboarding is another plot development process, one that novel writers have borrowed from screenwriters. Traditionally, storyboarding involves arranging a series of images for a film, showing visually how the plot will progress.

Novelists have adapted this process, drawing or writing the basics of each scene on index cards. Answers to these key questions go on each card:

  • When and where does the scene take place?

  • Which characters are in the scene?

  • How does the scene open?

  • What is the main thing that happens/changes?

When all the scenes have cards, they get arranged in storytelling order. Retracing the cards, you will find gaps that need to be filled, including those places where your story jumps and needs some connective tissue.

You may find some spots where you need to insert a blank card to hold the place, hoping that by the time you get to writing that part of the novel, inspiration will have struck and you'll know what scene or scenes should fill the gap.

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