1. Attention Deficit Disorder — Is Attention Deficit Disorder overdiagnosed today? Is it just an excuse for poor parenting and a way to get unnecessary drugs, or is there a real crisis?

2. College Students and Credit Cards — Why do so many credit card companies market to college students? Do students really have a need for credit when they don't generally have an income?

3. Drugs and Athletes — How strong is the pressure on athletes to use performance-enhancing drugs? Is the problem better or worse than commonly thought?

4. Eating Disorders — What causes eating disorders in teens? Is anyone ever really cured for good?

5. High-School Dropouts — Which famous people were high-school dropouts? Are there the same career opportunities for dropouts nowadays?

6. Global Warming — Is global warming caused by humans, or is it part

of a natural cycle of events? Is everything being done that can be done to slow global warming?

7. Identity Theft — How do thieves go about stealing someone else's identity? What can happen to you if someone steals yours?

8. Rising College Tuition — How do college tuitions today compare with those in the past? What is the forecast for tuition increases?

9. Students Cheating — How many students cheat on tests and assignments? Is the problem getting worse?

10. Vehicles Powered by Electricity — What are the limitations of electric-powered vehicles? Will this technology evolve enough to take over from gas-powered vehicles?

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