Does It Still Make Sense?

Throughout the editing process you replace words and phrases, take things out, and add other things. It is imperative that you keep rereading your paper to make sure it still makes sense after all of these changes. Editing is a process that uncovers flaws not only in spelling, grammar, and structure, but also in content.

Be sure that you use wording that is specific throughout your paper. If you continually make vague statements, it will be impossible for the reader to make a connection back to the paper's purpose. Every paragraph should be expressed clearly so that anyone who reads the paper understands your point.

Your paper still should include all the information that is necessary to understand the topic and your analysis of it. Check to make sure that the topic is clear to a reader who is unfamiliar with it. Include any essential information, but be sure that you don't include information that is irrelevant. It would be unusual to have to go back for more research at this point, but what you might find is that you cut out too much material during your previous editing.

Your paper should be developing a good flow and rhythm by this point. It should read like a polished and professional report rather than the rough, unedited version you began with. Ideas should flow from one sentence to the next, with smooth transitions between paragraphs. Any stories or timelines should be in order. As you read, you should never have to look back to recheck details, because your paper shouldn't jump from one section to the next or from one idea to the next. The main idea should always be clear, and it should always be evident that the paper is working toward a singular purpose.

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