Sell Pages

A sell page is a Web page that is designed to persuade you to place an order — usually online. It often includes an online order form or link to a shopping cart checkout page.

Writing sell pages can be a challenge because your words have to do all the work in getting the prospect to take the next step in the buying process. That could be to request a quotation, subscribe to a publication, download a free report, or buy the product.

Sell pages go by many other names:

  • Landing page. This is the Web page that is associated with an email, advertisement, direct-mail package, e-zine article, or even another Web page as part of a two-part marketing campaign. The initial promotion motivates you to visit the Web page. The Web page persuades you to respond to the offer.

  • Order page. This is the page on a Web site that contains a summary of the benefits and an order form.

  • Subscription page. This is the same as any other sell page, but the product is a subscription to a publication, database, or other content.

  • Offer page. This is a page where prospects can respond to a specific offer, usually for some kind of free information, trial, or demo.

  • Here is an example of an offer page. This one pitches a free trial for a software product.

    Here's your opportunity to try

    QuickFile™ 4Outlook — Lawyers Edition

    FREE for three weeks

    (If you decide to keep it, please take 35% off the purchase price!).

    Simply complete and submit the form below. You'll automatically be sent an e-mail with your download link. That means you can plug in and start using QuickFile™ right away.

    This is a full-version plug-in, not a lightweight trial version. You get to enjoy ALL the benefits of QuickFile™ for one full week. You'll save time, gain more billable hours, and deal with your e-mails faster and more effectively than you may have thought possible.

    You do not have to send a payment now. At the end of the trial period we'll contact you by e-mail offering a special price of just $97. That's 35% off the regular price.

    Ready to eliminate the risks associated with e-mail management?

    Submit this form for your free one-week trial today.

              Name: __________

              E-mail: __________

              [Button]Download now

    A sell page must be easy to follow, restate the offer, spell out exactly what the reader is getting or buying, and summarize the main benefits so that buyer momentum is maintained.

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