Rearrange the Words in These Quotes

Unscramble the order of these words to form quotes. You will need to add the appropriate capital letters and punctuation. (Answers for this section begin on page 285.)


“forgive err to to is divine human”

— Alexander Pope

The answer is:

“To err is human, to forgive divine.”

— Alexander Pope

Imagine That

“you it if it can you dream can do”

— Walt Disney


“a regrets place the is until take old not of man dreams”

— John Barrymore

Good Morning

“man healthy wise to a to early and rise bed and wealthy makes early”

— Benjamin Franklin


“know I is one and I know only thing that nothing that”

— Socrates

Be Nice

“kindness act small wasted ever of how no matter is no”

— Aesop


“minds consistency foolish little a of the hobgoblin is”

— Emerson


“when assume object is that can life the happy men be do of they happiness only not”

— George Orwell

Highways and Byways

“in roads two the took I diverged that all one less the has a I made traveled and and wood by difference”

— Robert Frost


“time the of the people the the the the can time people cannot fool you people and time all some but fool of all some you all all”

— Abraham Lincoln


“smile of your of smile the sometimes source joy the your joy be sometimes but source your is your can”

— Thich Nhat Hanh

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