Reumah was the concubine of Nahor (elder brother of Abraham). Nahor already had a wife, Milcah, daughter of Haran and sister of Lot and Iscah (Genesis 11:29). Since Nahor and Haran were brothers, Milcah was Nahor's niece. Milcah was born in Ur, the ancient Mesopotamian city. After marriage, Nahor and Milcah made a home on the eastern side of the Euphrates River, in the land of Haran. Milcah bore Nahor eight sons: Huz, Buz, Kemuel, Chesed, Hazo, Pildash, Jidlaph, and Bethuel (Genesis 22:21–22).

Reumah gave birth to four more (Genesis 22:24). The twelve sons of Nahor became the fathers of twelve Aramean tribes. A midrashic account makes Milcah the ancestress of all of the world's prophets.

Meaning of Her Name

Reumah's name has been translated as “lofty,” “sublime,” “elevated,” and “exalted.” However, there is little in the biblical references to her to suggest why she was given that name, or if she did something extraordinary to warrant the name. However, scholars say that names were exceedingly important in biblical times, and were not lightly given. Perhaps her parents had an expectation or hope of how her life might unfold, and thus named her Reumah.

Family Ties

Some biblical historians suggest that communication was maintained between Nahor's family (including his wife Milcah, Reumah, and their children) in the land of Haran and Abraham's family in Canaan (after Abraham had moved there). That is, at least until Abraham's grandson, Jacob, deceived his elder brother Essau. After Jacob fled his family home, according to one source, the connection and correspondence between the families ended.

Another Interesting Family Connection

Rebekah, an important female biblical figure, was not related to Reumah through a bloodline, but she was connected to Nahor's family. In fact, she was the granddaughter of Nahor and Milcah, offspring of their son Bethuel and his wife. Rebekah was chosen by the servant of Abraham as a wife for Isaac (Abraham's son). Rebekah's family agreed to let her go with the servant when he returned to Canaan. She married Isaac and bore him Jacob and Essau.

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