Jezebel, daughter of Ethbaal, the King of Sidon, was a self-proclaimed prophetess and wife of Ahab, king of Israel. The Bible says that Jezebel “stirred up” Ahab to wickedness (1 Kings 21:25). To the Hebrews, she was an idolatress, because she worshipped Baal, a pagan god. Many Hebrew prophets were persecuted while Jezebel enjoyed the affection of her husband. The Hebrew prophet Elijah the Tishbite was particularly troublesome for the royal couple. Elijah warned the king that the country would suffer from drought if the cult of Baal were not removed. After the country had suffered three long years of drought, Elijah issued a challenge to Ahab and his priests to offer their prayers to Baal to render a miracle on Mount Carmel. The priests' prayers failed to produce any miracle, so the people turned away from Baal and embraced God.

Elijah ordered all of the idolatrous prophets of Baal killed. Jezebel, infuriated that her prophets had perished, wanted Elijah murdered, so he was forced into hiding.

The palace of King Ahab was situated very near a vineyard, and a man named Naboth owned the land. Ahab wanted the vineyard for growing herbs for his kitchen. He offered Naboth money or another vineyard in exchange. Naboth, however, would not sell the vineyard, telling the king that he had inherited the vineyard from his forefathers. Ahab became quite unhappy and stopped eating. Jezebel decided to secure the vineyard for the king by getting two men to testify that Naboth had blasphemed God and the king — the punishment was death by stoning. The plan worked, and with Naboth dead, the king went to Jezreel to take possession of his vineyard.


God told Elijah to go to the vineyard of Naboth to tell Ahab that he and Jezebel would perish for the killing of Naboth. Jezebel would die by the wall of Jezreel, where the dogs there would devour her (1 Kings 21:23).

What was the name of Jezebel and Ahab's daughter?

Their child was named Athaliah. She must have inherited some of the evil genes of her mother, because Athaliah grew up to become a powerful schemer. She became Queen of Judah by having all of the royal princes murdered.

Elijah told Ahab, “Thus saith the Lord, in the place where dogs licked the blood of Naboth shall dogs lick thy blood, even thine” (1 Kings 21:19). Ahab started a war in which he allied himself with the king of Judah against Ben hadad. During battle, a stray arrow ended the life of Ahab. Some sources say that dogs licked up the blood washed from his chariot, fulfilling Elijah's prophecy.

After Jehu ascended the throne as king of Israel, he set out to avenge those killed by Jezebel. One day he saw her in the window of the palace and told the people inside to throw her down. Jezebel, the self-proclaimed prophetess who exerted incredible influence over Ahab, must not have seen her own fate unfolding, for just as Elijah had prophesied, she was pushed out the window by those loyal to Jehu and was devoured by dogs.

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