Magickal Jewelry

Today, of course, most people wear precious and semiprecious gems mainly for adornment. In the metaphysical community, jewelry that combines magick with beauty is highly prized. Many New Age jewelers, who understand the historical and mystical properties of gemstones, now fabricate elegant jewelry for ritual wear, healing, and talismanic purposes.

Gemstones have long been associated with gods and goddesses. In many cultures, gems were considered to be suitable offerings to the deities, and stones were often placed on altars as sacred gifts. In earlier times, only royalty and religious leaders wore gemstones. You can still see vestiges of these ancient beliefs in the practice of kissing the Pope's jeweled ring.

When you wear gemstones, they absorb your personal vibrations. Pearls, in particular, are known to be affected by the emotions of the person who wears them. When you're feeling happy, a pearl will glow with a lustrous sheen, but turns cloudy when you're down in the dumps. If you choose to wear family jewels or antique pieces, be sure to wash them in advance, in order to rid them of any lingering energies from other people.

Amulets and Talismans

The custom of carrying magick amulets and talismans is ancient. The early Egyptians placed good-luck charms in the tombs of royalty to insure safe passage into the world beyond. Ancient Greek soldiers carried amulets into battle to protect them. An amulet or talisman may be a single object that has special meaning for its owner or a combination of several items — gemstones, botanicals, magickal images, etc. — contained in a “charm bag” or “medicine pouch,” designed for a specific purpose. The energies of the ingredients plus your belief in their magickal properties give the talisman or amulet its power.

A talisman is designed to attract something you desire: prosperity, love, success, happiness, etc. Gemstones and jewelry have long been favored as talismans. The Chinese, for example, prize jade and wear it to bring health, strength, and good fortune. Amulets are used to repel an undesired energy, condition, or entity. During the Crusades, ladies gave opals to soldiers to keep them safe in battle.

You can fashion amulets or talismans for yourself or for someone else. Once sealed, these magick charms should never be opened. Should a time come when the amulet or talisman is no longer needed, bury it in the ground.

Place the ingredients you've chosen for your amulet or talisman in a cloth or leather pouch and wear or carry it in your pocket. If you prefer, put the items in a wooden box and set it on your altar. It's usually best to fashion a talisman while the moon is waxing; amulets should be made during the waning moon.

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