Think of the ocean's shifting tides and the rain that nourishes plants to understand the qualities of the water element. Water's energy is receptive, cool, quiet, inner-directed, fluid, intuitive, undifferentiated, and creative. Magicians link the water element with the emotions.

The world's legends abound with water deities who protect sailors, as well as mythological creatures, such as sirens, who lure seafarers to their deaths. Reverence for water can be found in many customs and superstitions, from dropping coins into sacred wells (to ask water spirits to grant wishes) to pouring mead into the sea (as an offering) before a voyage.

In a witch's toolbox, the chalice symbolizes the water element. In the tarot, the suit of cups relates to water; the cards in this suit describe emotional conditions and relationships. In astrology, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces make up the water signs. People born under these signs tend to be moody, intuitive, imaginative, sensitive, private, and impressionable.

Elemental Correspondences

As you become more familiar with the water element and develop a deep, intuitive knowledge of the energy associated with it, you'll get a feeling for which things resonate with a watery vibration. Following are some things that witches associate with the element of water:

  • West

  • Blue

  • The number two

  • Moonstone, pearl, coral, rose quartz, amethyst

  • Jasmine, water lily, iris, orchid, raspberry, lotus, ylang-ylang, willow

  • Silk, rayon

  • Silver

Water Magick

Water magick is often used for healing purposes. If you consider the fact that human bodies are composed largely of water, this idea makes sense. For centuries, the faithful have journeyed to sacred springs and wells, and ailing people have visited spas to “take the waters” in the hope of being healed. The Catholic custom of dotting the forehead with holy water upon entering a church stems from the belief that water possesses special curative powers.

When matters of the heart are at stake, witches often turn to water magick. Water spells usually include some sort of liquid, perhaps a brew or potion that the petitioner must drink. After the magickal concoction has been formulated, it is poured into a ritual chalice while the petitioner mentally projects her intentions into the liquid. Then she and/or her beloved drinks the beverage to make the wish come true.

Many witches bathe before participating in a ritual, in order to wash away unwanted energies and to shift their consciousness from everyday reality to the magickal sphere. The ritual use of essential oils and perfumes is another form of water magick. Water magick can also help you break an unwanted tie — simply toss into the ocean or other body of water a symbol of the person, situation, or thing you wish to release.

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