The basic qualities of the fire element are evident in the sun or a hearth fire. Fire's energy is invigorating, active, stimulating, volatile, and hot. You imply these characteristics when you describe someone as having a “fiery” nature. Fire also implies a sense of community and connection: early tribes gathered around the fire to cook, tell stories, and celebrate life.

Although fire's light and warmth brighten lives — indeed, the sun's heat and light are essential for life on earth — fire can quickly rage out of control and shift from a creative to a destructive force. Linked with inspiration, the fire element is also associated with will, for its energy animates matter.

The wand represents the fire element, and the suit of wands in the tarot relates to the element of fire. The cards in this suit describe creative and/or spiritual pursuits, as well as situations involving passion or inspiration. In astrology, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are the fire signs. People born under these signs tend to be assertive, impulsive, self-directed, vital, independent, adventurous, and confident.

The great mystic Nostradamus turned to the fire element regularly for his visions. As he explained in one of his writings, “Secrets are revealed by the subtle spirit of fire.” Pyromancy (divining by fire) continues to be a favorite means of divination among witches and Wiccans.

Elemental Correspondences

As you become more familiar with the fire element and develop a deep, intuitive knowledge of the energy associated with it, you'll just naturally sense which things resonate with this vibration. Following are some things that witches associate with the element of fire:

  • South

  • Red

  • The numbers one and three

  • Topaz, amber, ruby, diamond, bloodstone, tiger-eye

  • Cayenne, almond, sandalwood, saffron, sunflower, marigold, ash, maple

  • Wool, brocade, lamé

  • Gold, iron

Fire Magick

Witches do fire spells to boost courage, stimulate activity, or infuse a situation with passion and vitality. Fire spells can also will an idea into being. If you want to kindle enthusiasm in a romantic relationship or bolster your self-confidence in preparation for a challenge, you could do fire magick.

Fire's volatile nature makes it the most difficult element to control. Although fire spells generate a lot of energy and produce fast results, they are most suitable when your goals are short-term. Include items from the preceding list when working fire magick.

Because fire is associated with purification, magicians employ fire spells to banish negativity and fear. Witches often build ritual fires to burn up unwanted attitudes, conditions, or obstacles. Beltane's fires, however, serve a different purpose: they spark passion, creativity, and fertility. Magicians also use fire for clearing sacred space, enlightenment, and vision quests.

The ancients considered fire to be so powerful that only the gods possessed it. In Greek mythology, Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gave it to humankind. According to the people of the Congo, fire came to earth when an angry god tossed down a burning log. In Finland, the first earthly fire was started by the god Ukko's sword.

Candle magick is the most popular form of fire magick. Candles play a role in all sorts of spells where they activate your intention. In some instances, a candle's flame can be used to focus a witch's mind. Candles may also symbolize the spiritual forces you invite to join in a ritual; or they may represent people, objectives, or situations you wish to influence with your magick.

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