Travel Magick

The average American drives about 12,000 miles each year. On top of that, air travel worldwide totals about 1,900 billion passenger miles annually. That's a lot of traveling, enough to prompt a mobile witch to cast a few travel spells. Considering the risks involved while en route, it's no surprise that protection spells are the most popular travel spells.

Travel spells cover more territory than protection, however. Before embarking on a trip, you might do a spell to prevent delays or obstacles. Or you could do a spell to meet interesting people. Spells to keep your luggage from getting lost are useful, too. One of the simplest and most popular spells helps you get a parking space — envision an empty space waiting for you near your destination, then ask the parking goddess Barbara for assistance. You could also recite this catchy incantation as well:

Parking goddess full of grace Help me find a parking space.

Travel Spell Components

Travel spells should contain symbolic images that represent your objective and hold meaning for you. If you'll be flying, include a picture of a plane or a feather; if you're journeying by sea, choose a tiny boat as a charm. Photos of your destination, maps of towns or countries, or miniature replicas of sites you plan to visit — the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty, for example — can also be components of a travel spell. If your trip involves a goal such as getting a job or finding a new home, include symbols that describe your objective: a Monopoly house, a token of your profession, etc.

As with any charm, the components of a travel amulet or talisman must correspond to the nature of the spell. Here are some suggestions:

  • For a smooth trip: topaz, aquamarine (sea voyage), citrine, sage, sandalwood, maple bark

  • For pleasant company: rose quartz, garnet, red clover, copper

  • For a productive business trip: aventurine, jade, mint, silver coins

Many witches like to take a spell kit with them when they travel. This kit might contain a few simple magick tools, perhaps a candle, some essential oils, a crystal, a miniature wand. (Some jewelry companies make beautiful wearable travel wands.) If you're traveling by air, however, you won't be able to take matches or an athame on the plane, and only small amounts of liquids can be carried on board. Before you leave home, check travel restrictions to verify what's allowed and what isn't.

Portable Altars

Being in a strange place can be unsettling, even to veteran travelers. A portable altar can help ease the awkwardness of an unfamiliar locale, the sterility of a motel room, or the loneliness of being away from home.

A mini travel altar can be a simple cardboard box filled with objects that are significant to you. Include incense, a travel candle in a covered tin, a favorite crystal, perhaps a small statue of a beloved deity, whatever items you wish to take along. You might like to decorate your portable altar with colorful magickal imagery. Or pack a silk scarf in the box and use it as an altar cloth. You shall have magick wherever you go!

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