Knots and Numbers

Earlier this book discussed the power of numbers and their significance in magickal work. Knots, too, as you've already seen, can be tied to hold energy and intentions. When fashioning amulets and talismans, you can combine magick numbers and knots to add power to your spell.

Many amulets, talismans, and fetishes are composed of ingredients placed in a container such as a drawstring pouch or mojo bag. Herbal charms might consist of leaves or pieces of bark bound with twine. The string that holds these components together can become an active part of the spell, sealing and charging it. Here's how:

  • Determine which number best corresponds to your objective (see Chapter 12).

  • Design an affirmation or incantation that clearly describes your intention.

  • Visualize your goal manifesting, and energize it with emotion.

  • As you tie each knot, repeat your affirmation or incantation aloud and project your will into the knot.

Ribbons and cords may also be tied with magick knots and used themselves as amulets or talismans. Follow the preceding steps to knot your intention into the ribbon or cord. Wear the knotted cord to attract your desires, affix it to a doorknob to safeguard your home, put it around your pet's neck to protect him. If you prefer, burn or bury it to work its magick.

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