Sigils: Secret Magickal Symbols

Have you ever wished you could write in secret code? You can. In fact, magicians often design uniquely personal sigils to produce a desired result. No one else can interpret the symbols — they are encrypted spells that hold meaning only for the person who creates them. And because these magick symbols are strictly personal, they're also very powerful.

Although there are various techniques for designing sigils, the easiest one involves weaving an image from letters. Start by writing a word or a short affirmation that states your intention. Delete any letters that are repeated. Entwine the remaining letters to form a design. You can use uppercase and/or lowercase letters, block or script. Position them right-side up, upside down, forward, or backward. The finished image depicts your objective in a graphic manner that your subconscious understands.

Both creating the sigil and applying it are magickal acts. You can draw a sigil on a piece of paper and slip it into a talisman or amulet. Display a sigil on your altar to remind you of your intention. Carve one on a candle, then burn the candle to activate your objective. Some people have even had sigils tattooed on their bodies. Give your imagination free rein. There's no limit to how many sigils you can draw or how many ways you can use them.

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