Shapes and Numbers in Spells and Rituals

Once you understand the symbolism inherent in shapes and numbers, you can utilize them in spells and rituals to emphasize specific energies or intentions. You might wish to add a heart to a love talisman, for example. In Texas, many people display the “Texas star” (which is actually a pentagram) on their homes — although most of them don't realize its connection with protection — and the Texas Rangers have worn badges shaped like pentagrams since the 1800s.

Witches sometimes carve symbols on candles. As the candle burns, the intention signified by the symbols is released into the universe. If you were doing a prosperity spell, for instance, you could engrave a dollar sign on a candle.

Numeric symbolism can also be incorporated into spells, charms, and rituals. Let's say you want to do a candle spell to attract a romantic partner.

Because two is the number of partnership, you'd light two candles to represent you and your prospective partner. If you're fashioning a prosperity talisman, you could place eight items in the mojo pouch. Or seal the pouch with a ribbon into which you've tied eight knots. The date when you perform a spell or ritual could be significant, too. The first day of the month, for example, might be a good time to do a spell to launch a new venture.

You can mix and match symbols to customize a spell. Inscribe two pink candles with hearts for your love spell. The important thing is to get your imagination involved. What symbols speak to you? The most powerful images have poignant, personal significance and stimulate a resonance in your mind. Remember, visualization precedes manifestation.

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