Dream Symbols

No one knows exactly why people dream, yet researchers and psychotherapists generally agree that your dreams are trying to tell you something that can help you in your waking life. Usually dream messages are presented in symbolic rather than literal form, so understanding the meanings behind dream symbols is important.

Some symbols appear in many people's dreams; others are unique to the individual dreamer. Over time, general interpretations have been attached to the most common dream symbols. The following list includes a number of familiar symbols that turn up in dreams, along with their generally accepted meanings.




you and your life; the basement represents your unconscious, the main floor shows your daily living situation, the attic or upper floors describe your mental or spiritual side


your body and your passage through life; the driver represents who's controlling your life; the car's condition reveals health and physical matters


emotions; the type of water (deep, murky, cold, turbulent, etc.) indicates the quality of your feelings


merging your masculine and feminine sides, or incorporating another person's qualities into yourself


a transition or change; something is moving out of your life


a new direction, perspective, or endeavor; creativity; opportunity


learning lessons; taking an exam represents being tested in an area of life


things you fear or parts of yourself you haven't integrated

Images that turn up repeatedly in your dreams are especially significant. If you experience recurring dreams, your subconscious may be trying hard to convey something to you. Pay attention. Sometimes dreams reveal the future. A dream that lets you see in advance what's coming may help you to prepare yourself or avoid a problem altogether.

Learning to interpret your dreams opens a door to greater understanding in all areas of your life. Many witches find that their dreams provide insights and information that they can use in their magickal work.

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