What Is Divination?

Divination is the art of predicting the future. The word literally means to “let the divine realm manifest.” An oracle may be a person with special abilities to see beyond the limits of the visible world — a psychic, astrologer, or shaman. Physical tools such as tarot cards and runes are also called oracles.

Celtic oracles known as frithirs served as prognosticators for the Scots. Four times a year, on the first Monday of each quarter, the frithir would fast, then step outside blindfolded just before sunrise. Upon removing her blindfold, the frithir opened her eyes and interpreted the significance of the first thing she saw.

Oracles connect you with your subconscious or inner knowing. They also serve as a link to Divine Wisdom or higher mind. In theory, some part of you already knows the answer to your question. Additionally, the answer lies embedded in the cosmic web that weaves together the seen and unseen worlds. Oracles give you access to information that you aren't able to perceive through ordinary means.

In some cases, information about the future comes to people unbidden. Many people receive visions or images in dreams that foretell upcoming situations. Religious texts as well as books about dream interpretation contain a plethora of examples of this type of divination. In this sense, a dream can also be considered an oracle.

Choosing Divination Devices

In recent years, increased interest in oracles has led to the production of many original and beautiful divination devices. There are literally thousands of different card decks on the market to choose from. You can even purchase computer programs for doing readings. No device is inherently better than another. The important thing is that you feel comfortable using it.

Let your intuition guide you. Hold a pendulum in your hand and sense its vibrations. Finger runestones to see if they speak to you. Stores often keep sample decks of tarot cards for you to peruse before selecting one. Many witches own more than one oracle, perhaps one to do readings for others and another for personal use. You might even enjoy designing your own oracle.

Using Divination Devices

All oracles operate on the principle that symbols trigger your intuition. When you shuffle tarot cards, cast runes, or use any other oracle, you open your consciousness to receive information from your higher mind. Oracles let you see situations from a different perspective and serve as conduits between heaven and earth.

Your willingness to receive guidance from a source other than your everyday, rational thinking processes will affect your ability to gain clear, meaningful insights. If you are skeptical about the possibility of seeing into the future or doubt the answers you receive, you block the flow of information.

What happens if you don't understand the oracle's response? Instead of asking the question again, try rewording it or ask an additional question about the same issue. Perhaps the initial question was too broad or not specific enough. Or simply request further illumination. Keep it simple — ask only one thing at a time. But if you just don't like the answer you received, don't keep querying the oracle hoping the next reading will be better. Wait a few days before asking again — the situation or your perspective may change, thereby influencing the outcome.

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