Moon Signs and Magick

Witches have always placed great importance on the moon's role in magick, and astrology explains why. Your moon sign, meaning the sign where the moon was positioned at the time of your birth, relates to your emotions and inner self. It also influences your creativity and intuition.

As the moon circles the earth, it travels through all twelve moon signs in approximately twenty-eight days, remaining in one sign for about two and a half days. Each sign favors certain types of magick. To make the most of a spell or ritual, perform it while the moon is in a sign that supports your goals.

  • Aries: Purification, confronting obstacles and adversaries, courage, starting new ventures, vitality, masculine virility

  • Taurus: Abundance, fortitude, fertility, plant or earth magick, spells for home or property

  • Gemini: Communication, learning, mental pursuits, short trips

  • Cancer: Spells for the home, protection, security, feminine fertility, children, childbirth

  • Leo: Leadership, career success, courage, recognition, creativity, vitality

  • Virgo: Health and healing, job-oriented spells, discernment, mental clarity, pets

  • Libra: Love, legal matters, peace, artistic endeavors, social situations, balance within and without

  • Scorpio: Power, sexuality, psychic pursuits, overcoming obstacles and fears, banishing, transformation

  • Sagittarius: Travel, spiritual growth, knowledge, expansion, creating opportunities, good luck

  • Capricorn: Firm foundations, self-control, financial stability, career success, public image, manifesting goals, binding or banishing

  • Aquarius: Change, new opportunities, adventure, liberation, friendship, group endeavors

  • Pisces: Creativity, emotional healing, spiritual pursuits, developing psychic awareness

Let's say, for example, you want to find a better job. Virgo is most closely linked with work and work relationships. But if your main concern is to make more money, do magick while the moon is in Taurus. If financial stability and status are more important, cast your spell while the moon is in Capricorn. If you're seeking fame and glamour, a Leo moon will support your intention. Study the unique properties of each sign to help you choose the right one for your purpose.

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