Formal Announcements

After proper etiquette has been taken in announcing your big news to family, the fun begins! This is the time to celebrate with your family, friends, and coworkers. Enjoy this time of engagement!

Start Spreading the News!

The easiest and most formal way of letting the world know about your upcoming nuptials is, of course, through the newspapers. The parents of the bride (for traditional weddings) usually submit newspaper announcements. Typically an announcement gives general information about the couple, including their schooling, careers, how the couple met and where the wedding will take place. Many couples include an official engagement photo along with the announcement.

The announcement information is usually sent to the lifestyle or society editor. Every newspaper has different guidelines for submission so be sure to check out the website or call the administrative office before you send the information. Some newspapers announce for free and some charge to print the announcement. Check with your local publication for specifications and details. Following is an example of a standard published announcement:

Engagement Announcement

Mr. and Mrs. (bride's parents) of (their city, state) announce the engagement of their daughter, (bride's first and middle name), to (groom's full name), son of Mr. and Mrs. (groom's parent's names) of (their city, state). A (month/season) wedding is planned. (Or: No date has been set for the wedding.)

If your fiancé's family lives in another city or state, be sure to send them a copy of the engagement announcement (wording and photo) so they can have the opportunity to announce the good news in their local newspaper as well.

Typically newspaper announcements tend to be short and sweet. However, some announcements can be long and pretentious. Announcing your upcoming nuptials should give your guests (and on-lookers) just a taste of who the two you are and what is to come to whet their appetite for the wedding day!

Timing It Right

If you are planning a very long engagement (one year or more), you may want to wait before publishing a newspaper announcement. Most announcements are usually printed no earlier than a year prior to the actual wedding day. Every newspaper has specific (and different) timing guidelines. In larger cities, it is best to research this information sooner rather than later as they will have a larger number of submissions and can only allow a certain number in each printing.

A general rule of thumb is to make your announcement anywhere between three to six months prior to the wedding day. Even the best-laid plans can change due to special circumstances, so the closer to your wedding date your announcement is, the better! It is also perfectly fine to make the announcement after the wedding while using a photo from your wedding photographer.

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