Positive Body Image

To get the best results from any training program, you need to begin by loving and appreciating yourself and your body. Many of us look in the mirror and judge ourselves. We feel disappointed that we don't look like models in magazines or celebrities on television. We're frustrated with the way a natural body looks. Our society puts a premium value on physical perfection, so it's no wonder we feel discouraged when our bodies don't match up to that ideal. Healthy bodies come in many different shapes and sizes. Your body is a marvelous miracle. It allows you to do the work you are meant to do, care for those you love, and feel great sensual pleasure. Your body makes the experience of your life possible. Respecting your body means appreciating all that it has done and continues to do for you. Love and accept it. Be patient. Only when you feel self-acceptance can you make true gains in strength — not only physical strength but also inner strength from your own sense of purpose and value.

Wedding planning is a huge endeavor — not only is getting married one of the most momentous events in your life, your reception is probably the biggest celebration you've ever had to plan. Coordinating all of the little details is bound to get stressful at times. Finding positive outlets like exercise to help you cope with your stress is a must.

Respecting your body also means that you take the necessary time to learn basic exercises and build a conditioning base before you progress to a more difficult program. Take one level at a time, gradually train the correct muscles, focus your mind, body, and spirit, and you'll eventually be able to do more advanced programs. This process requires discipline, but the benefits are worth it. The wonderful thing about the human body is that if you practice consistently, you will become stronger. So, take your time, and have faith in the process.

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