Ten-Minute Daily Core Training and Stretching

All body types benefit from consistent core training. In fact, the best results from core training exercises come from doing a few minutes on a daily basis, rather than a single concentrated program only once a week. When you stimulate your core muscles to support your posture, you remember to use those postural muscles more each day. That means that even when you're not exercising, you remember to stand up straight, sit tall in your chair, and correct your posture every time that you slouch.

Now that you've established your conditioning base, you can add daily core training to your routine. Table 15-6 provides a sample ten-minute core routine that you can choose to do either in the morning or in the evening. This workout combines stretching, core, yoga, and Pilates exercises for total well-being.

Table 15-6: Ten-Minute Yoga, Pilates, and Core Routine


Pelvic Tilt


Knee Hug Stretch


Child Posture


Oblique Crunch

Full Length Torso Crescent Stretch

Knee Hug Stretch

All Fours Spinal Stabilization

Cat Stretch

Back Extension

Child Posture


Lying Shoulder, Chest, and Torso Twist Stretch

If you're too busy to do your resistance training workout, you can still find time to fit in a core workout. Combine this with your regular walking program and you will continue to experience improvements in posture and fitness. This is also a great back health program. Keep it up and find yourself healthy and pain free for a joyous wedding, reception, and honeymoon.

If you've started taking yoga or Pilates class, that's great. Go ahead and enjoy it one or two days a week. On those days, you don't need to do a resistance training program or incorporate additional stretching. Yoga and Pilates both provide muscle conditioning and stretching benefits, so there's no need to overdo it.

Continue with your daily individual stretches to reduce tension, help you to relax, and to create long, lean muscles. Either follow the routine in Chapter 14 or find creative ways to slip in stretches during your day.

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