Things to entertain the new couple might include a movie, pitching in to get them a VCR, CDs, a movie gift certificate, tickets to a local show for the two of them, a magazine subscription, and best-selling books. Rent a few old movies to watch with lots of popcorn. Put up posters of old movies, take a lot of pictures, stuff like that. Show the bride's favorite movie?

Send the guests home with gift certificates from Blockbuster, a bottle of CD-cleaning fluid tied with ribbon, or a popcorn ball.

For great invitations, cut out a couple of pictures of movie or music people from People or a similar magazine. Glue one head to the front of each of your invitations. Put a little cloud (like in a comic strip) above each of their heads: “ _________________, will you be at Veronica's (their name) wedding shower? I wouldn't miss it for the world!”

Cary Grant Special

What fun! Gather up the girls and load up on sappy old movies, root beer floats, and pizza! Give everyone a small package of tissues as a party favor. Pop the lenses out of cheap plastic sunglasses and make ‘60s cats-eye glasses by gluing some silver glitter to the outer edges of the frames.

Go on the Internet and download Cary's picture. Make copies of it, or one of his movie posters, and use them as covers on your invitations.

Gone with the Wind

Frankly, Scarlett, your friends won't want to go home! Watch the movie after having a picnic or luncheon on the lawn, complete with big floppy Scarlett hats you decorated yourself, or that you have your guests decorate as a project. You can buy tiny hats, 4 inches in diameter, at the craft store. Use these as invitations, or fill them with potpourri and seal them with lace circles hot-glued in place and give them as party favors.

You will, of course, need to serve mint juleps and iced tea and have plenty of flowers around. Would you all like to wear Scarlett dresses for the occasion?

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