Thank You! Thank You!

Even in today's world of instant communication, handwritten personalized thank-you notes are one rule of etiquette that's here to stay. While everyone appreciates the gift, almost everyone dreads the thought of writing dozens upon dozens of thank-you notes. However, it is imperative to express your gratitude to the sender of every gift, whether it is the perfect addition to your china cabinet or a velvet oil painting of a rabbit.

What to Say

What is the proper way to write a thank-you note? The basics of thank-you notes are actually quite simple. Mention the gift, how you plan to use it, and thank the guest for their generosity. You might write something like, “Thank you so much for the lovely wine glasses. They are the perfect addition to our bar set. We are looking forward to your next visit. We have a special bottle of wine to share with you. We are so glad you were able to be with us at our wedding.” If the gift is monetary, write something like, “Thank you so much for the generous gift. It will truly help us in completing our set of formal china. We appreciate your thoughtfulness. We are so glad you were able to be with us at our wedding.”

Getting It Done

Can my fiancé write thank-you notes? Since the wedding gifts are given to both of you, it is absolutely appropriate for your fiancé to do his fair share of the note writing. What's more, his friends and relatives would most likely appreciate seeing a note from him personally.

Should I send thank-yous to our officiant and vendors? Everyone who assisted in making your wedding day memorable should be honored with a thank-you note. That includes not only your officiant, but your wedding vendors and any family members and friends who may have contributed their time, effort, and expertise.


Some brides think they have up to a year after the wedding to send a thank-you note. The fact is that while wedding guests have up to a year to bestow a gift upon you and your honey, you have at most three months (sooner is always better) to come back with a thank-you note.

If I received a group gift, do I need to send thank-you notes to everyone? If five coworkers chipped in to buy you one nice gift, five separate thank-you notes aren't necessary. Just one, sent to your office, will suffice. However, if five cousins who live in different parts of the country sent you one gift from all of them, send each of them a note.

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