Toss It!

The single guests either revel in the traditions of tossing the garter and bouquet or cringe at the thought of being singled out at this celebration of love and marriage. Of course, legend has it that the man who catches the garter is to be the next groom, and the woman who catches the bouquet is to marry next. These activities are entirely optional, so you may choose to modify them, skip them, or come up with something new that better suits your style.

The Bouquet

Do I have to toss my bouquet? Including or excluding this tradition is totally up to you. If you do choose to toss the bouquet, the bride rarely, if ever, tosses her original bridal bouquet. If you are planning to toss a bouquet, ask the florist to make you a toss bouquet; these are usually included at little to no charge. These bouquets are small and made specifically for the toss so that the bride may keep her own.


If you are on the fence about tossing your bouquet, consider dedicating it to someone special in a show of love and appreciation. Your mother, grandmother, your new mother-in-law, or a special family friend are possible recipients. Present the lady with the bouquet and say a few heartfelt words about why she means so much to you.

Can you throw the bouquet without tossing the garter? Of course! If you feel uncomfortable with the garter toss, as many brides do, it's perfectly acceptable to eliminate that tradition while keeping the bouquet toss.

The Garter

When do we do the garter toss? Like the bouquet toss, the garter toss is optional. It is usually done later in the reception, around the same time as the cake cutting. Work with the wedding planner and entertainment to find the right time to toss the garter.

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