All Dressed Up and … Whoops!

Groomsmen forget black socks, buttons fall off, stockings run, and zippers stick. There is no telling what may happen when everyone is all dressed up with some place to go. While the attire can be the cause of many last-minute glitches on the wedding day, these situations are easily handled if you have the right “tools” on hand.

Dressing Issues

It is three months until my wedding, the bridesmaids dresses have been ordered, and one of my bridesmaids just told me she is two months pregnant. The dress surely won't fit when she is five months pregnant. What should I do? After congratulating your friend, your next step is to call the bridal salon and see if it is still possible to order a larger size or a maternity size or style for your friend. You may have to pay for two dresses at this point. You can also ask if the manufacturer will sell yardage of the dress fabric. If so, a good seamstress will be able to either make you a new dress in a flattering maternity style or possibly alter the dress, with the addition of side panels, so that it will fit.

Don't Forget …

My fiancé's friends are great but a little absent-minded. I am afraid they are going to forget the essentials, like black socks, on the wedding day. What can I do to prevent this? Men, especially those who do not go to work in a suit and tie, don't always realize what it takes to get dressed to the nines. Put together a checklist of essential items to remember for the groomsmen and the bridesmaids, and e-mail it to everyone at least one week prior to the wedding.

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