The Parents

Work with your parents to find attire that will allow them each to look their best and to shine — but not outshine you — on your wedding day.

Must They Match?

Are the mothers' dresses supposed to match? The mothers' dresses don't have to match exactly, but they should be complementary in color, style, and length.

Color Coded

My fiancé's mother wants to wear a white dress! How can I tell her I'd prefer her to wear a different color? Unless you're having a white wedding where everyone is requested to wear white or a very light color, the mothers of the bride and groom shouldn't wear white. That color is reserved for the bride and sometimes the flower girl. Talk to your future mother-in-law about her color choice.

Perfectly Styled

Should the fathers' clothes match the other men in the wedding party? The style and color of the fathers' clothes should match that of the other male attendants. They can be differentiated with their accessories. For example, if the groomsmen are wearing vests instead of cummerbunds, the fathers can wear cummerbunds. Alternately, if the groomsmen are wearing colored accessories to match the bridesmaids, the fathers can opt for simple black accessories.

Proper Fit

When and where should the dads get their formalwear? They should get their wedding attire at the same formalwear shop as your fiancé and his wedding party about three to four months before the wedding. If your father or your fiancé's father lives out of town, he should give his measurements to you so his tuxedo can be ordered along with the others. If by some chance your dad already owns a tuxedo and wants to wear it, have him pull it out and try it on. If it is acceptable to you, have it cleaned and pressed and purchase or rent the coordinating accessories.

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