The Party Begins … The Party Continues

In addition to the excitement of the wedding itself, there are a few other wedding activities you may want to plan for your guests. While it is not your responsibility to plan out each minute of the guest's stay, the addition of pre- and post-wedding parties will surely be enjoyed and welcomed.


I cannot invite everyone to the rehearsal dinner but feel bad about excluding guests, especially those who have traveled so far. Any ideas? Ask a close friend or relative if they would be willing to host an informal cocktail party at their home, or plan to have everyone meet up at the hotel, restaurant, or bar for a drink after the rehearsal dinner. Plan this carefully because you should attend any events you invite guests to, at least for a short while. Depending on the circumstances, you should also host the activity. You should include a line such as “Be our guest at the hotel bar for a pre-wedding party. Hosted from 8:00 P.M. to 9:30 P.M.


We would like to have a post-reception party at a local bar. Must we host the event or can we have a no-host event? Once you have treated the guests to a fine celebration complete with food and drink, this is one activity you need not host. Just be sure to let the guests in on this detail via the welcome letter, the wedding website, and by word of mouth.

Do we need to host a brunch on the day after the wedding? Brunches have become common and are customary in certain regions but are by no means mandatory. The brunch doesn't have to be extravagant; a Continental breakfast with juices, coffee, and pastries will suffice. You should extend this invitation to the out-of-town guests, and you may include locals as well.

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