Comedic Bloodsuckers

It may be difficult to imagine that a mix of vampiric bloodsucking and humor could go hand in hand, but just as the preternatural creatures of the night have crept into science fiction, romance, and historical fiction, they've also made pretty tasty fodder for some bloody fun reading. Death by the Drop, by Timothy Massie, is a fairly recent (2008) addition to the relatively small list of vampire novels with distinctly humorous undercurrents that literally drip with sarcastic wit.

The reigning matriarch of wickedly vampiric fun is unquestionably Mary Janice Davidson, whose Undead/Queen Betsy series of hilarious books feature the irrepressible Betsy Taylor as a former model and recently unemployed single woman who finds herself flattened by an SUV and comes back to life a vampiress. Rather than taking to the life of the walking dead, “Queen Betsy” attempts to resume her less-than-normal existence of stocking up on designer shoes and trying to find a job. Of course, Betsy is also sidelined by irritating conflicts with evil vampiric beings who have absolutely no sense of humor. Books in Mary Jane Davidson's Undead series include:

Undead and Unwed (2004)

Undead and Unemployed (2004)

Undead and Unappreciated (2005)

Undead and Unreturnable (2005)

Undead and Unpopular (2006)

Undead and Uneasy (2007)

Undead and Unworthy (2008)

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