Music for Nightcrawlers

Maybe real vampires have failed to infiltrate society, but there's no question that interest in them has touched virtually every element of the entertainment world including the musical realm. For the classically minded, original scores to the soundtracks of several vampire films contain absolutely stunning orchestrations. Among the best are the tracks to Bram Stoker's Dracula, The Hunger, Interview with the Vampire, and Blade. In the edgier music scene that combines goth rock with fangs, there are several bands who direct their energies directly at vampirism, including Cradle of Filth, Blood Lust, and Dead by Dawn. There's also a compilation CD called “Dracula: King of Vampires” that features over a dozen active goth bands with songs that pay homage to our favorite bloodsucker and his kin.

The 1983 film The Hunger made amusing use of current vampire music in its opening credits and first scenes as vampire Miriam and her lover John prowl about a goth club looking for their dinner. Throughout the seduction and killing scenes, the 1979 gothic rock song “Bela Lugosi's Dead” is performed by its creators, the band Bauhaus.

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