Women's Duties

As with anything in life, a person's rights are balanced by the responsibilities that correspond to those rights. Islam gave rights and duties to both men and women, so that they can live in mutual harmony and respect. In this way, men and women complement each other in fulfilling the needs of family and society.

Duty to Allah

Any Muslim's first responsibility is to follow the guidance of Allah, to worship Allah alone, and to avoid violating any of Allah's injunctions. A Muslim woman is dutiful to Allah and seeks knowledge so that she can better follow His guidance. This duty supersedes all others. If her husband or parents require her to go against the teachings of her faith, her first responsibility is to her faith. In these circumstances, she is required to disobey those who would have her act against Islamic teachings.

Duty to Family

Islam recognizes that women were created with a special gift, the gift of carrying and nurturing new life. In the Islamic framework, the family is the foundation of society, and women are the firmest rocks in that foundation. Muslim women consider it an honor to play such an important role in family life. While many Muslim women work outside the home and are perfectly entitled to do so, they also ensure that their family responsibilities are not neglected.

Culture and traditions often interfere with a faith or even overshadow the faith's true teachings. The adherence to Islam varies with the strength of the beliefs and knowledge of the people. In some instances, local practices have no justification in the faith or violate the faith's teachings altogether.

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