Top 10 Tips to Help You Understand Your Tween

1. Tweens truly appreciate all-or-nothing logic; they see the world in black and white and have great difficulty discerning shades of gray.

2. Tweens don't always like to talk and may express themselves more readily via actions.

3. Peer pressure is real. To help your tween, keep reminding her that when her peers mature, they'll be more tolerant of differences, but don't dismiss her efforts to fit in.

4. It's normal for tween boys to be rowdy and aggressive; you need to provide them with physical activities that can serve as an outlet for their energy.

5. Even though your tween may post a “Keep Out” sign on her door, she still needs your love and guidance; the sign is her way of trying to establish boundaries between herself and the outside world.

6. Tweens do need rules and discipline, but make sure you are fair and consistent. Allowing your tween to break the rules will send him a message that rules are meant to be broken.

7. To remain close with your tween, you need to spend time together. Take her with you to the grocery store, ask her to help you make dinner, or watch a movie together and then talk about it.

8. If your tween is suddenly not doing well in school, don't assume he's slow. He may be having problems with his teacher or classmates, or he may simply be uninterested, and he needs your help in resolving these issues.

9. If your tween never cleans up her room, no matter how many times you remind her, it may be that she doesn't know where to start or how to go about it. To teach her, break down the process into small steps and check her progress along the way.

10. The best guide to how much your child needs to eat is his appetite, but boredom, anxiety, stress, and depression can trigger or suppress it. Help him sort out the differences and learn how to avoid unhealthy eating habits.

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