Ireland's Best Itineraries

A well-designed itinerary in Ireland will ensure your vacation timeline and room reservations work out in sync. However, do not forget that Ireland is a country of discovery. Resist the urge to plan out each day with maximum detail, but instead leave time to discover the hidden corners, historical nuances, and the picturesque villages that will be forever etched in your memory.

The following itineraries offer travelers well-paced routes that incorporate history, culture, the best cities, and the outdoors with a smattering of light activity. More active itineraries can be created in collaboration with the chapters dedicated to outdoor pursuits.

For explanations of places, monuments, natural sights and wonders, along with any accommodations and dining establishments mentioned, take a quick scan of the referring county chapters. The following itineraries are general outlines giving you the freedom to select how many days you might like to spend in each location.

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