What Is Personal Freedom?

Can you sense the possibilities the Toltecs offer you in their wisdom? There is a great freedom to be yourself, once you have cleaned out the garbage put into your mind by others, and established your own ideas, rules, and agreements about who you are and how you want to live. With the Toltec wisdom you can live your life free from negativity and fear, and free from the need to prove anything to anyone about your value or worth. This is personal freedom.

In this freedom, you will be able to live your life with impeccability and integrity. Modern people following this ancient Toltec path learn to have access to the truth of their feelings, wants, needs, and desires, and are willing to express those truths to themselves and others. They do not gossip, and they don't commiserate with others about their troubles. Because they are free from fear, they are willing and able to be happy all the time. They go through life with their hearts always open, and everyone who meets them feels uplifted in their presence.

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