The Mastery of Awareness

In Chapter 2 you were introduced to the three masteries of the Toltec path. The mastery of awareness was compared to taking a fish out of the water, so that it could discover a different reality. The idea of unplugging from the matrix is the same model. The Toltecs know that for you to have choice in your life, and to be free to create the life you want for yourself, you need to unplug from the beliefs and agreements programmed into your mind. The goal of the spiritual warrior is to awaken into a life “where anything is possible.”

Why Your Mind Dreams

The mind dreams because it needs to know. It needs to have stories to tell and it needs to justify everything. The most frightening thing for the mind is to not know the how and why of everything. You are dreaming in this moment. You know who and what you are and what you are doing, because of the power of your mind. You have language and concepts that are stored in your mind, and you are using them to define yourself in this moment.

Would you like to challenge your mind's knowing in this moment? Consider this: You are sitting on a ball of rock with a molten core, a barely stable crust, a little bit of water and green stuff on the outside — out in the middle of space. For all you know, you are sticking sideways off this ball, or hanging off the bottom. You are held on the surface of the ball of rock by some mysterious force while this “Earth” is spinning rapidly on its axis and flying through the solar system at some great speed around a ball of exploding gases we call “the sun.”

Is there any way I can ever know if something is real or if I am dreaming it?

Your mind can only dream. You will never be able to see what is “out there” directly. The Toltec wisdom will help you clean your channels of perception, so that you can perceive more clearly.

The sun and Earth are spinning through the disk of the Milky Way galaxy, made up of about 400 billion other exploding balls of gas and their planets. The Milky Way galaxy has been blasting outward from the center of something unknowable ever since the Big Bang billions and billions of years ago, when the universe was the size of a thimble.

And here you spin, in several different directions, at several different speeds, and it is not even messing up your hair. Your mind does not know what to do with all of the unknowable realities of this existence spinning through space, and the unimaginable magnitude of the universe, so it makes up stories about the meaning of life and God and why you should do something you do not want to do. That is why you dream.

Becoming the Master of Your Awareness

A great teaching tool of the Toltecs is called “non-believing.” Now that you know that your mind dreams by distorting reality and generally making up stuff about the universe, are you ready to stop believing it? Are you ready to accept that everything you believe about “reality” is not the truth? That is the first step in the mastery of awareness — to stop believing your mind.

The next step is to learn everything you can about the programming in your mind, and how it distorts reality. The Toltec wisdom offers you many tools for exploring the dream in your mind. At this stage on the path, begin by becoming very skeptical about everything you know, believe, and think. Listen to your opinions and doubt your authority. Catch yourself defending your opinions, and stop trying to convince anyone that you are right about anything and they are wrong.

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