Feng Shui Spread

This pattern represents the eight-sided octagon called a bagua, used by feng shui practitioners to examine the connections between a person's home and his/her life. The cards show the energies and influences operating in each area of the querent's life.

Card 1: Fame, future, career

Card 2: Relationships, marriage, partnerships

Card 3: Creativity, children

Card 4: Helpful people, friends, agents/associates/colleagues, travel

Card 5: Self, identity, image

Card 6: Wisdom, knowledge, spirituality

Card 7: Family, community, neighbors

Card 8: Wealth

Card 9: Health

Example of a Feng Shui Spread

The querent was Eric, a software designer in his midthirties who had just relocated to California after living in the Midwest for most of his life. He wanted to know what he could expect as a result of this move.

Card 1: Eight of Pentacles

In the fame/future/career position, this card indicates that Eric could succeed if he was willing to work hard and sincerely pursue his goals.

Card 2: Three of Swords

This card reveals part of the reason for Eric's move—a divorce. He had decided to start over by putting distance between himself and his former wife, but the separation was causing him pain, and he felt lonely and alienated from the people he cared about.

Card 3: Ace of Wands

The Ace of Wands indicates that Eric is starting a new job that excites him and stimulates his creativity. He'll have many interesting and challenging opportunities available to him in this new position.

Card 4: The Hermit

The card of isolation and introspection, The Hermit in this spot showed that Eric might have a hard time making new friends and could find himself alone much of the time. However, he needed to get in touch with himself, do some soul-searching, and discover his real path in life, rather than surrounding himself with family and friends as he'd done previously.

Card 5: King of Swords

Although Eric knew he was intelligent and creative, he hadn't yet had a chance to show what he could do in his field. This card suggested that the move to California and his new job would enable Eric to express his knowledge and skills and gain self-confidence as a result.

Card 6: Page of Pentacles

This card in the position of wisdom/knowledge indicates that Eric could benefit from taking classes or improving his practical skills. Shortly before this reading took place, he had enrolled in a financial management course.

Card 7: Seven of Swords

A card of movement and intellectual freedom, the Seven of Swords shows that Eric had left his old home and family to strike out on his own in an area that would allow him more independence. As a result of his relocation, Eric hoped to find like-minded people and opportunities that weren't available to him in his former location. However, this card also reminded him not to make waves in his new community.

Card 8: The Magician

In the wealth position, this trump suggests that Eric needs to use his intelligence, skills, and willpower to accomplish his financial goals. Much depends on his attitude and how he utilizes his knowledge to earn money.

Card 9: Four of Swords

This card, in the position of health, shows that Eric has been under a lot of stress due to his recent divorce and relocation. He needs to rest and recuperate, or he could run the risk of illness.

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