Tantric Yoga

Yoga plays an important role in Tantra. In fact, Tantra is sometimes called “sexual yoga.” The connection dates back to the very beginning of Tantra, and many people believe that Tantra initially focused on yoga long before it ever became connected with sex.

Yoga can have many physical and psychological benefits. It helps relax the body, relieve stress, calm the nerves, and promote strength and flexibility. In addition, it helps to bring the body and mind together in harmony. Plus, it sharpens focus and awareness — both of which improve many areas of your life, including your love life.

Yoga Traditions

The word yoga actually means “to join together.” Obviously, this is very appropriate when discussing yoga and its connection to sex. Traditionally, Tantra followers viewed sexual connections as the ultimate form of yoga.

Hatha yoga and Tantra complement each other, as they not only share common historical roots, but certain physical postures and positions as well. Hatha is sometimes referred to as “the yoga of the physical body,” and it is generally considered the most physically strenuous type of yoga.


Traditionally, many Tantrics practiced hatha yoga in the nude. This was partly just for convenience's sake, simply to allow unrestricted freedom of movement. But it was also to help encourage an erotically charged atmosphere — to get the sexual energies flowing.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is also frequently practiced by Tantrics. This is a very spiritual type of yoga that places a heavy emphasis on meditation and breathing. Through religious practices, controlled breathing, yoga asanas (a pose or posture), and deep meditative states, the yogi can achieve altered states of consciousness. When one experiences a kundalini awakening, the life-sustaining energy that resides in the base of the spine is uncoiled and released, causing deep spiritual development.

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