Couples Yoga

Yoga can be a great bonding activity for a couple to do together. It can help establish trust, encourage teamwork and cooperation, and boost your communication skills. Not to mention, it can be fun and a great stress-reducer. There are some yoga poses that are specifically designed for a couple to do together. These asanas increase one's awareness of his or her partner, increase the flow of energy between them, and heighten the spiritual awareness that goes along with love and sex.

How to Start

It is a good idea to begin a yoga session for couples with a small ritual or meditation. Here is an example:

Sit down facing one another. Put your hands together, palm to palm, and chant “Ong namo guru dev namo” three times. (You may substitute another chant if you like.) This mantra recognizes the universal creator and the teacher within. Maintaining eye contact with your partner, gently bow to each other in recognition of the wisdom and God-consciousness that he or she carries within. Radiate love and harmony. Now you may proceed with the routine.

Happy Hug

Stand facing each other with your toes touching. Now hug, releasing yourself into your partner's arms. Take five deep breaths in unison with your partner. Let the air fill your abdomen and then slowly exhale all of it, releasing your tensions, fears, and stress. Take turns rubbing each other's back for a minute or two.

Tree Together

This asana is the Tree pose adapted for couples. Stand side by side. Now, lift your outside leg up and place your foot on your inside leg's thigh above the knee. If you need to, you can support your foot with your hand. Wrap your inside arm around your partner's waist for balance and support. Make your neck as long as you can, stretching it up to the ceiling. Make your legs firm and strong, like roots buried deep in the earth. Breathe in unison and relax into the pose. After taking several deep breaths, switch sides with your partner and repeat the exercise.

Warning: Many advanced yoga poses require considerable balance and flexibility. Do not be discouraged if these are difficult or impossible for you at first. Start with more basic poses and gradually work your way up to the most advanced levels.

Tantric Twist

Sit back to back, with your legs crossed. Make sure that your lower backs are touching and keep them as close together as possible throughout the exercise. Twist around to your left. Place your left hand on your partner's right knee. Place your right hand on your own left knee. Look behind you and relax your neck and face muscles, pulling firmly on your partner's knee. Take several deep breaths together. Switch directions and repeat.

Couple's Moon Triangle

This asana is a variation on the Triangle Pose. Begin by facing each other, standing with your feet as wide apart as they can comfortably be. Now place your right leg so that it overlaps your partner's left leg, so that you are no longer directly in front of each other but are facing each other somewhat diagonally. Stretch your arms out to either side of your body. Make them as long as you can. Lean over to your right side as your partner does the same. Be sure to keep your hips centered. Tip over like a teapot. Now, slide right hand down your right leg, supporting yourself just above or below the knee, never on the kneecap itself. Extend your other arm straight up toward the ceiling with palm facing inward. You should now be face to face with your partner. Look into each other's eyes. Press your palms together. Hold the position for a while, allowing your energies to flow through each other.

Couple's Lotus Pose

Since this exercise is more spiritual than physical, it is often a good way to wrap up a session. Sit in lotus pose, facing each other, with your knees touching those of your partner. Join hands and lay them in the crease between your knees, uniting you in a continuous flow of energy. Close your eyes, and concentrate on the energy between you. Imagine your energies intertwining and mingling. If other thoughts enter your mind, gently let them go. Focus only on your partner's energy. Lose yourself in your partner. This can be an impressive spiritual experience. There is no time limit. Allow yourselves to come out of it when the time feels right.

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