Different Age Groups

You might say that Tantra does not recognize age. Remember, Tantrics believe we are all spiritual, worldly beings, so the chronological age of our earthly bodies is almost irrelevant. However, for many people, age is an issue. And there are certain age categories that seem to need something special from Tantra.

College Students

For college students (and people in their twenties in general), romance can be confusing. And spirituality can be even tougher. This is a period of life where it is all about finding yourself, discovering your place in this world. Young people are constantly seeking the meaning of life, and looking for a higher meaning. The younger generation of today is also keenly interested in ancient philosophies and belief systems. Tantra can satisfy their thirst for the ancient secrets of life.

Disappointed to find that there are no Tantra events near your college or on your campus? Take action! Ask around, and see how you could go about starting a Tantra club or bringing in a Tantric teacher to speak or present a workshop. You will be a hero to all the people who will soon discover the magic of Tantra.

From a sexual standpoint, this can be a great age to study Tantra. Young people are exploring their sexuality but have not yet fully developed their sexual routines. So they do not have as many “bad bedroom habits” to break as someone would at an older age. By mastering Tantric techniques at this age, they will incorporate the techniques into their regular romantic routines, and quickly adapt to them so well that Tantric ways become automatic. College-aged women today, being of an independent and empowered nature, will really like the Tantric emphasis on female power.

In addition, today's college students of both genders tend to be very conscious of the world around them. Tantra's emphasis on balance with nature and respect for the environment and the world around you fits nicely with the social causes and interests favored by many young people.

Young Parents

Young parents do not have it easy today. They are taking care of several young kids, running a household, and most likely juggling careers, all of which leaves them feeling overwhelmed and overworked, yet underappreciated. For these busy parents, romance is a distant memory — which is especially sad, considering many of them have only been together a few years. Busy parents like these often neglect their own relationship, letting their personal life suffer in order to put their children and careers first.

New parents often have trouble maintaining their social life, especially if they “outgrew” their previous circle of friends after having a child. Parents who want to meet new friends (or reconnect with old ones) and also explore Tantra can combine the two by hosting a fun at-home adult party through a company like Passion Parties. It's a fun get-together (think a sexier version of a Tupperware party).

Tantra can be a godsend to this group. Tantra will teach them the importance of recapturing the romance in their relationship. They can learn how to once again feel like the young lovers that they still are. They will also learn how taking care of their own needs will actually make them better parents, because they will feel happier and more fulfilled. And of course the stress-relieving Tantra techniques of meditation and yoga can really come in handy for this group.

Baby Boomers

The baby boomers are a population segment that is, well, booming. Baby boomers are what some might not-so-gently refer to as middle aged. But baby boomers do not think of themselves that way. They consider themselves vibrant, energetic, fun-loving people who enjoy life.

However, a lot of baby boomers do have some specific circumstances in their life that can prove to be challenging. Many are divorced and navigating the dating scene for the first time in years, possibly since their college days. Others may have lost a spouse, and find themselves a widow or widower way earlier than they ever expected.

A survey of 2,000 married baby boomers conducted by Harris International found that 84 percent of them considered physical intimacy as being “important or very important.” Unfortunately, only half of the respondents were satisfied with the level of physical intimacy in their relationship.

These people, to put it bluntly, have probably fallen into a rut. There is a good chance they have been (or had been) with the same partner for many years. Most likely, they fell into a comfortable — maybe even boring — routine in the bedroom. For people of this generation (especially women) sex is not a topic they talked about a lot as young people. Their sexual insight may still be fairly limited, especially if they and their partner were both relatively inexperienced when they began their relationship all those years ago.

This group may find Tantra to be a real eye-opener. The sexual freedom and emphasis on passion may be liberating in a powerful way. They may find themselves enjoying pleasure like they never imagined.

For men of this generation, they may have been brought up with outdated, old-fashioned ideas about sex. Most likely, they never learned to focus on a woman's pleasure before worrying about their own. They may be eager to learn new tricks for satisfying their female partner. As for the women, they will be thrilled at this new attitude in their partner. They will also welcome the opportunity to learn a few new tricks of their own. While they may have been more timid and sexually inhibited in the past, they can now show off a more liberated, sexually adventurous side of themselves.

Since people at this stage often no longer have young children at home, this can be the perfect time to focus on their own needs and desires, and concentrate on their relationships and happiness.

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