Strengthening your pelvic muscles through Kegel exercises will improve your sex life in many ways. One of the major benefits is that it will allow you to master the art of pompoir, which is a great little trick to have in your sexual arsenal. Pompoir is the ancient art of “milking” the lingam (penis) of your partner by tightly squeezing your PC muscles during intercourse. This was initially a top-secret practice that was only taught to a select few women — mainly, the consorts of royalty. However, word soon spread that this technique could send male lovers through the roof, so soon many women wanted to learn this trick.

Here is a trick to help you perform the pompoir technique: While having sex, contract your PC muscles rapidly to “milk” or “pump” your lover's penis. Try this out during sex without informing your lover beforehand. Watch his eyes light up at this exciting surprise! Experimentation is important here. Pompoir creates different sensations depending on which position you are in. You can also vary the experience by changing the speed or intensity of your PC contractions. Ask your partner which ways feel more pleasurable for him.

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