Pelvic Thrusts

Pelvic thrusting is an integral part of sexual activity. It can also be challenging and exhausting, especially if you are not in shape or are out of practice. It doesn't help matters that many people also have a natural tendency to move their pelvis in a stilted or hesitant manner. For these people, it takes an effort to learn how to loosen up and move their pelvic area more freely. That is why it is important to practice pelvic thrusting on a regular basis. Fortunately, this can be lots of fun!

Start by putting on some upbeat, fast-paced music that will really make you want to start moving. Begin by thrusting your hips from front to back while standing up, starting out slowly. Concentrate on the movement, and try to isolate it just to your pelvic area — moving only your hips, while keeping your upper body as still and steady as possible. Focus on allowing your body to move in a loose, relaxed way. Because the same repeated type of thrusting can get boring after a while, you should also work on developing several different types of thrusting patterns. Try a slow, rhythmic pattern, a fast, frantic pattern, and perhaps a sensual type of thrusting similar to a belly dancer's movements. Having a whole repertoire of thrusting moves will help you vary your lovemaking experiences and create lots of different sensations and experiences that you and your partner will both enjoy. Thrusting preferences can vary widely from one person (and couple) to another. Some women find hard, quick thrusting to be uncomfortable — perhaps even painful — especially for extended periods of time. Plus, slow thrusting can help build the excitement and anticipation, kind of like a teaser before the real action gets started. On the other hand, there are people who like their thrusting fast and furious, all the time. Ideally, you and your partner are on the same page with your thrusting preferences. If not, you can compromise by incorporating the types of thrusting each of you prefers into your overall sexual routine.

Different types and speeds of pelvic thrusting stimulate specific parts of the body in different ways. One type of thrusting may be better for G-spot stimulation, while another is more conducive to clitoral orgasms. Experiment with different types of thrusting to learn the specific sensations and results you get from each.

Pelvic Lifts

Pelvic lifts are similar to pelvic thrusts, but you practice them while lying on the floor. This makes sense because, after all, you will often be lying down while doing pelvic thrusting during sex. To practice pelvic lifts, you simply lie on your back with your knees bent while lifting your hips up and down off the floor. When you lift your hips up, try to hold them in that position for several seconds to really strengthen your muscles. Bonus: When you do this, you will naturally contract your abdominal muscles, basically doing a “crunch” exercise, so you get a great ab workout in the process.

Practicing Pelvic Thrusts as a Couple

It can be exciting (and entertaining) to practice pelvic thrusts together with your partner. Pay attention to how your partner moves, and how this differs from or complements your own natural movements. This will allow you to synchronize your thrusting techniques and perfect your thrusting patterns in unison. Later during lovemaking you will probably find that you automatically fall into this synchronized pattern right away. Watching each other doing all of this pelvic thrusting can be a big turn-on, so pelvic thrusting practice often ends up becoming a form of foreplay.

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