Websites — considered the ultimate online Tantric resource. Features advice, articles, interviews, discussion forums, and an online store offering many different sensual items. — site of Tantrics Somraj and Jeffre, who specialize in teaching Supreme Bliss Tantra. Find out about personal training and coaching services, order e-books, enroll in online courses, and browse their catalog of adult products. — site of sexologist and counselor Robin Taylor, who offers workshops and private Tantra coaching sessions. — site of well-known Tantra teachers Charles and Caroline Muir. They specialize in workshops and retreats for couples — including a great weeklong vacation seminar in Hawaii. You can also register for a home study course or maybe even look into becoming a certified Tantra teacher yourself. — site of veteran Tantra teachers and author Al Link and Pala Copeland. This comprehensive site includes articles, interviews, private workshops, e-books, CDs, books, and erotic products. — site of Sky Dancing Tantra and Margot Anand, considered a modern Tantra pioneer. — site of the Institute for Ecstatic Living, as well as Steve and Lokita Carter, a California couple who teach Tantra workshops. — site of Candida Royalle and Femme Productions. Learn about this female pioneer in the sex industry, and order her women-friendly erotic movies or her Natural Contours adult toys. — site of the popular adult retailer Adam & Eve, where you can buy adult toys, erotic films, sensual clothing, and other products. — site of Nik Douglas, author of several books related to Tantra. Features a long list of resources and links. — online community and forum for the discussion of topics related to Tantra. — information-packed resources for all topics related to sexuality. Includes dozens of documents on sexual subjects including Tantra, as well as oral sex, positions, and more. — comprehensive site devoted to the polyamorous lifestyle. Features Loving More Magazine, plus information on polyamory conferences, books, and other resources. — site of Passion Parties, a company that helps people host fun adult-themed parties in their home during which attendants can order adult merchandise. — online source for music especially geared for massage, healing, meditation, and more. Features section for Tantra CDs. — site where you can order the Aneros Prostate Massager, which is designed to help men achieve powerful, dry, full-body orgasms in rapid succession. — site where you can order furniture designed for sexual encounters. — site where you can order furniture that can easily be arranged in numerous different configurations, especially for various sexual positions. — service that allows you to rent adult movies by mail, keeping them as long as you like for a monthly fee.

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