Enhancing Male Pleasure

For most men, sex (of any duration or variety) is so exciting and pleasurable that he is almost sure to have at least a somewhat enjoyable time even without any extra effort on your part. However, if your man makes an effort to please you, it is important for you to make his pleasure a priority as well. It is imperative to maintain this balance in the relationship, so there is a constant circle of give and take, as opposed to one partner always getting all of the pleasure.

Show Some Enthusiasm

One of the best things you can do to make sure your man has a good time? Show him that you are having a good time. Broadcast your pleasure loud and clear, in no uncertain terms. It is a huge turn-on for a man to watch his woman get aroused — especially if he knows he has played a part in it. One of men's biggest turnoffs is a woman who is too quiet or reserved in bed. Men are often a bit imperceptive when it comes to subtle clues, so he may not realize how much you are enjoying yourself unless you make it very clear.

You should leave no doubt in his mind that you are having a great time. He will become aroused just seeing how excited you are. Be sure to stress that you are excited because of him. It will be a huge boost to his ego knowing that he can get you so excited.

There are numerous sexual aids and toys — including penis rings — designed especially for a man's pleasure. You might consider picking up a few of these special treats without his knowledge. Save them for a special night, and then watch his excitement as he sees the surprises you have in store for him.

Focus on Him

While balance is important in achieving sexual harmony, it is perfectly okay to sometimes make it “his night.” (Just be sure to even things out by also designating an equal number of “her night” occasions.) Arrange a special sacred area in which you will worship him. Announce that this night is all about focusing on his pleasure. Allow him to dictate the activities you engage in, and lavish him with even more attention and affection than usual. Treat him to a long session of fellatio, or whatever other activity he likes best. Throughout the evening, be sure to remind him repeatedly how sexy you think he is.

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