Enhancing Her Pleasure

No matter how exciting, a sexual encounter is not considered totally successful unless both parties have achieved the ultimate level of pleasure. Although women can sometimes seem difficult to satisfy, there are many things you as man can do to enhance your female partner's pleasure.

While it can take effort to enhance her pleasure, never think of this as a job or a chore. This is a privilege and you should revel in the opportunity to help your partner achieve satisfied bliss. Plus, keep in mind, the more turned-on and satisfied she is, the more exciting the experience is likely to be for you.

Perhaps the most important thing you can do to enhance her pleasure is to be a totally receptive and giving partner. Encourage her to tell you her wants, needs, and desires — and make sure your reactions are positive and nonjudgmental. Communicate with her, ask a lot of questions, and be a good listener. Let her know that her pleasure is your top priority.

From a physical standpoint, you can enhance her pleasure by taking things slow and let her (and her body) set the pace. Rushing things before she is mentally or physically ready can kill the mood — and can also be physically uncomfortable for a woman, whose body must be physically prepared for sexual union.

Worship her entire body, but during the height of lovemaking, pay special attention to the clitoris. When it comes to her physical pleasure, the clitoris is the heart of the operation. Practice your technique for “polishing the pearl” so you can pleasure her orally. You should also be receptive to the idea of using sex toys (especially those designed for clitoral stimulation) to help her reach orgasm. If she doesn't suggest it, you can carefully broach the topic — but tread carefully, and never exert pressure on her to try anything before she is ready. You can also encourage her to try sexual creams or gels designed to heighten female arousal.

In addition, you can be sure to spend lots of time in positions that are known to provide maximum female pleasure, such as the rear-entry positions and any others that she particularly favors.

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