While books and other resources can be very helpful, sometimes there is just no substitute for watching techniques demonstrated in action. In many cases, especially with more advanced or complicated positions and techniques, it can often be difficult to envision exactly what they would look like in person. And even the best illustrations can still only provide a two-dimensional view of the material.

Videos allow you to see specific techniques being practiced by real-life people. Even better, you can learn at your own pace, rewinding and replaying segments of particular interest. Not to mention, many of these videos can serve as a great way to get your libido moving, so it can be a good idea to incorporate them into your foreplay routine.

If there are certain techniques or positions you would really like to try, you can also use the videos to show your partner exactly what you have in mind.

Adult videos are no small-time operation nowadays. This type of entertainment makes up a $20 billion business in the United States. There are 800 million rentals each year of adult videos and DVDs — and there is plenty of material to choose from, since 11,000 new adult movies are produced each year.

There are tons of adult videos out there that can show you how to spice up your sex life. But there are also an increasing number of videos specifically focused on Tantra and Tantric sex, as well as related topics like the Kama Sutra. These videos and DVDs can be extra special because they often feature erotic scenery, sexy music, and romantic settings. They tend to go the extra mile in setting that special scene and establishing an ambience, as opposed to the stereotypical porn scene where people just go at it on a pool table or in the back of a bus. These videos are also relevant because they often spotlight techniques stressed by Tantra, such as female ejaculation, multiple male orgasms, and sexual massage.

In addition, you may also want to check out some of the videos and DVDs focusing specifically on the Kama Sutra.

However, adult videos in general have really come a long way since the early days of cheesy characters and lame plots (or no plots at all). If you cringe at the thought of watching some big-mustached motorcycle cop “accidentally” encounter a broken-down bus full of horny cheerleaders, take heart. Check out some new adult videos, and you might be pleasantly surprised. Adult film producers are increasingly making an effort to create interesting movies that don't insult viewers' intelligence or rely on dated scenarios. More and more adult videos take the time to set a romantic scene and pay attention to details like background music and scenery.

Is there any way to get an adult movie without having to go to a public store?

Yes, you can now rent adult movies from the comfort and privacy of your own home through sites like It's similar to NetFlix — where you pay for a membership and can rent a few films at a time, keeping them as long as you like — only it offers strictly adult films. Choose from thousands of movies in many different genres.

There is a growing segment of adult videos made for — and by — women. These videos tend to place more of an emphasis on romance and foreplay than the typical porn flick.

Candida Royalle

When it comes to adult videos that cater to women's tastes and erotic preferences, you might say Candida Royalle is the queen. The founder of Femme Productions, Candida has produced numerous erotic films from a woman's unique perspective. As Candida says, “I like to call my Femme movies ‘sensually explicit,’ or as one viewer described them, the ‘Rx for couples.’ You'll find them to be less graphic and lacking in the traditional ‘money shot,’ a staple of most adult films. You'll also find story lines, good original music and real characters of all ages. Counselors often prefer to use my movies in their work with couples because of their woman-friendly approach and what they call positive sexual role modeling.”

Candida Royalle has also written several books, including How to Tell a Naked Man What to Do. In addition, she helped create the Natural Contours line of vibrators and sexual wellness products.

You can learn more about Candida and view all of her products at

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