Oral Sex Positions

Many people probably do not realize there are actually several different oral sex positions. Or perhaps they are just so happy to be getting oral sex that they don't really care what position it occurs in. Either way, you can make oral sex even more exciting by trying a few new positions.

The standard (Burton) translation of the Kama Sutra outlines nine ways of performing fellatio, but says almost nothing about cunnilingus other than that the ways of kissing the yoni should be known by the ways of kissing the mouth. In general, though, the Kama Sutra considered oral sex to be morally improper.

Standing Fellatio

One of the most common oral sex positions, this is a basic position involving the man standing with the woman kneeling in front of him, facing him. She then performs oral sex on him while the man plays with her hair or simply enjoys the view. He might also gently guide her head into the correct position — he should never do this forcefully, and not at all if his partner does not like it.

Sitting Fellatio

If there is one thing better than fellatio, it is getting fellatio while sitting down. This is a real treat for the man — he gets pleasured while relaxing and not doing any work at all. The man sits on the edge of the bed or chair while the woman kneels in front of him. This is the position a couple uses when performing fellatio in unusual locations like at the movies (if you are very brave).

Woman on Top Cunnilingus

This is what you might consider the oral sex version of the cowgirl position. The man lies on his back, and the woman gets on top of him, with her genitals above his face. She can then lie back or forward. Women like this position because it allows them to be in control of the position and movement.

Man Kneeling Cunnilingus

This is probably the most common cunnilingus position. The woman lies on her back on a bed, so her waist is at the edge and her legs dangle over the side of the bed. The man then kneels in front of her. As he performs oral sex, the woman can lift her legs and wrap them around his neck or rest them on his shoulders.

When it comes to trying new sexual positions, it is possible to be too adventurous. Sometimes a person will try to go through every position in the book in rapid succession. This quick and constant changing of position can be distracting and may in fact take away from the partner's pleasure because he or she doesn't get to stay in any one position long enough to enjoy it.


The position known as “69” is probably the most well-known oral sex position. In this position, the partners lie on top of each other, facing each other, with one's head at the other's feet. Usually the woman is on top. They then align themselves so their mouths and genitals line up.

One-Sided Sixty-Nine

This position (also dubbed the “68” position) is similar to the 69, except the person on top is facing upward. As a result, only the person on top receives oral sex. This position offers the “giver” great access and the ability to more easily stimulate the receiver manually while giving oral sex.

Standing Sixty-Nine

This is an extremely challenging position — one which the vast majority of couples should not even attempt. Basically, it is only within the realm of possibility if one partner (presumably the man) is a weight lifter or otherwise has developed incredible upper body strength. The man stands and holds the woman in front of him upside down, so she is basically hanging there while they perform oral sex on each other.

Rear-Facing Woman on Top

In this position, the man is the one giving the oral sex. He lies on a bed, with his head hanging over the edge, and the woman stands next to the bed facing away from him, straddling his face. This can get tiring for the woman's legs, and may also give the man a headache. (The man should not lean his head too far over the bed, or the woman's weight could cause his neck to bend back at a dangerous angle.)

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