Laziness and the Easy Way Out

Mark Twain once wrote, “Don’t let school get in the way of your education.” What he meant was that solely traditional classroom and book learning is not where all of your education takes place. There are a multitude of experiences beyond the four walls of your classroom that shape and educate you in different ways as well. Travel experiences, late-night talks in your dorm room, online learning, leadership and camp experiences, school clubs and organizations, and athletics are just a few other venues and experiences where you are educated.

What if I don’t feel ready to attend college?

Students bloom at different times in their academic careers. For some, high school is a piece of cake and for others a painful struggle. Community college is a good alternative when you recognize you need to get yourself together and demonstrate to admissions that you have figured out how to be a better student.

Skipping class, sleeping late, relying on purchased lecture notes, or reading Cliff notes in lieu of doing your job of being a student always comes back to bite you in the form of bad grades or a bad reputation among your teachers and classmates. School is certainly full of temptations, distractions, and a multitude of activities to juggle simultaneously.

If you opt to just coast through school by doing the bare minimum, you will not only be missing out on a great deal of learning and academic opportunities, but at some point your bad habits will come back to haunt you. And by the time this happens, it may be too late to dig yourself out of the hole you have created. Bad grades equal summer school, or community college as your only option after high school, or retaking a course, or Ds and Fs on your permanent transcript/academic record.

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