Stress and Your Immune System

In what way does stress compromise the immune system's effectiveness? When the body's equilibrium is disturbed due to the long-term release of stress hormones and its associated imbalances, the immune system can't work efficiently. Imagine trying to finish an important proposal during an earthquake!

Under optimal conditions, the immune system is much more able to help the body heal itself. However, when conditions are not optimal, some believe guided meditation or focused inner reflection can help the conscious mind perceive what the immune system requires the body to do to facilitate healing.

While some doubt such intra-body experiences, the mind-body interaction is far from understood. Testimonial evidence is widespread that managing stress and listening to the body are essential elements in the promotion of self-healing.

Many studies reveal that self-healing, symptom relief, and a strengthened immune system in patients given a placebo such as a sugar pill, suggesting that the brain has amazing healing powers. And other studies suggest that patients can use this power consciously to help themselves heal.

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