10 Things You Need to Know About the Catering Business

  1. Like all food businesses, catering is a business of pennies, so careful cost tracking and controls are needed to run a profitable business.

  2. Catering requires a wide variety of skills in addition to excellent cooking; it involves everything from organization and logistics to finance and customer service.

  3. To be a successful caterer, you need to love marketing and selling yourself and your services.

  4. The catering business, if run efficiently, is generally more profitable than most restaurants, but less profitable than the nightclub business.

  5. The biggest challenge in the catering business is finding and retaining enough good people to help you cook and serve.

  6. There's always enough room in the industry for another creative and well-run business that serves delicious food.

  7. Customers are looking to caterers to create an entertaining, restaurant-quality experience. Caterers do more than just cook and serve food: They create a whole environment, bringing their customers' dreams to life.

  8. A catering business can be started with relatively little capital.

  9. Running your own catering business will allow you to be as creative as you like.

  10. Catering requires a tremendous amount of physical work, from transporting heavy items to standing on your feet cooking and serving for hours.

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