Doing Magic with Other People

Many magicians enjoy working with other people. Rituals can be more powerful and beautiful if a number of like-minded people participate in them together. The group dynamic generates an energy field that's much stronger than one individual working alone could produce. When several magicians join forces, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

When shamanic healing magic is done in a group, the members of the circle contribute to one another's healing. If you choose to follow the Wiccan path, you might like to join a coven. Some covens have inner circles, which include a limited number of members at a certain level of expertise or of a certain philosophy, and outer circles that are open to others beyond the inner group. If you decide to do sex magic, you'll want to find a partner with whom to share the practice.

At some stage in your development, you may want to work with a teacher. Finding a teacher is a bit like choosing a therapist. Do some research beforehand to determine if the teacher's views, background, and practices are in line with your goals. Magicians don't usually advertise in the Yellow Pages, but some lecture or give workshops publicly. New Age stores and holistic healing centers may be able to put you in touch with a teacher. A recommendation from someone whose opinion you trust is a good start, but ultimately your own feelings about the teacher are what matter most. Again, trust your intuition.

You might also enjoy doing magic with friends and family. Some of the spells in this book are designed to do with other people. Sharing these experiences can bring you closer together and enrich the quality of your personal relationships.

Although magic can certainly be fun, it's not a game. It's serious work and should be undertaken with sincerity and even reverence. Remember, you're connecting with powerful forces beyond yourself and intentionally altering the course of not only your life but perhaps other people's lives as well. That's a big responsibility. As you walk the magical path, do it in the spirit of love, joy, passion, respect, and for the good of all concerned. Blessed be.

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